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Tracking More Than 3,000 Deaths On The Migrant Trails South Of Tucson

Tracking More than 3,000 Deaths on the Migrant Trails South of Tucson

More than 3,000 migrants traveling north from the border by foot have died on the migrant trails south of Tucson in the past ten years, most from dehydration and exposure. Through the remarkable work of the Pima County Medical Examiner’s Office, led by Dr. Gregory Hess, along with the collective work of migrant-aid group Humane Borders based in Tucson, the Migrant Death Mapping project collects and makes public detailed information about these deaths.

The public website is here –

The artist Alvaro Enciso has worked with these maps to plant crosses at each documented death site, hand-made wooden structures with stark decoration and all including a red metal or ceramic circle, nodding to the red dots for each death on the migrant Death Maps. More about Alvaro Enciso here –

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