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SPLC’s Vital Guide To Parole For Detainees And Their Advocates; More Training Resources From The Immigration Advocates Network And CLINIC

SPLC’s Vital Guide to Parole for Detainees and their Advocates; More Training Resources from the Immigration Advocates Network and CLINIC

The Southern Poverty Law Center has collected and published a tremendously useful set of resources for people locked up by ICE and Border Patrol, and people advocating for them.

The site contains links to a webinar, a parole guide, and other resources. You can find it here: (resources are included in both English and Spanish).

The Immigration Advocates Network website offers related support, including online training materials for training to become a DOJ-accredited advocate for asylum seekers and others in the immigration system, a status for non-attorneys that offers them access to sensitive information and standing to represent asylum-seekers and people at risk of deportation. Their training resources are here:

The Catholic Legal Immigration Network offers resources that go even deeper, many targeted to attorneys new to immigration work, and others that are suitable to a wider audience. Their training resources are here:

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