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La Frontera: Stefan Falke’s Documentation Of 2,000 Miles Of Art At The Border

La Frontera: Stefan Falke’s Documentation of 2,000 Miles of Art at the Border

New York-based German photographer Stefan Falke has spent the past ten years documenting the extraordinary work of more than 200 artists working at the border – and in some cases, with the border as the medium of their art – expressing the vision and vibrancy of the millions of people whose lives are shaped by the frontier between the U.S. and Mexico.

As Falke explains at

The region has particular significance to me since I was born and grew up in Germany where a border divided my country in East and West until it came down in 1989. Meanwhile the steel ‘wall’ between the US and Mexico is growing in length and height and does its part to create a physiological and physical barrier between the United States and Mexico.

In the last year I have been focusing on artists who work specifically with border and migration related issues and/or are migrants themselves, like Artists Fronterizas, the three opera singing women who perform on both sides to promote cross border culture (their story here), or photographer Tom Kiefer(last photo) who collects and photographs migrants possessions taken from them and thrown away by the border patrol (his story here), or Haitian painter Nixon Tervine, whose journey through all of South America ended in Mexicali, Mexico, and who sells his art to motorists crossing the border north (his story here), or artist Alvaro Enciso who puts up crosses in the Sonoran Desert to remember migrants who did not survive the long journey north (his story here).”

His website,, is well worth a long visit.

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