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ICE Breaks Corona Virus Protocols To Continue Deportations

ICE Breaks Corona Virus Protocols to Continue Deportations

ICE officers spent the day on Tuesday, the first day in many states and cities with legally-mandated social distancing protocols to protect the general population, gathering up migrants in Southern California. Deportation flights continued, even in the face of the spread of the COVID-19 disease in Central America.

The Los Angeles Times ran this vivid article today, telling the story:

In the darkness of the early hours Monday, about a dozen immigration agents gathered outside a Starbucks in Bell Gardens.

For the Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, who make daily arrests, it was supposed to be business as usual.

But that morning, they greeted one another with elbows instead of handshakes; the Starbucks where they rendezvoused was only grab and go; and they passed freeway signs that read: “Wash your hands stay healthy avoid COVID-19.”

The ICE agents were about to spend the day trying to arrest targets on a most unusual of days: the day after the California governor and L.A. mayor ordered people to ramp up their efforts of social distancing over the coronavirus. The agents had N95 respirator masks in their vehicles, just in case.

The full article, by Brittny Mejia, is here:

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