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From The Children Of Migrants – A Tribute To Their Parents

From the Children of Migrants – a Tribute to their Parents

In the Yakima Valley, two hours east of Seattle over the mountain ridge that separates the coast from the agricultural heartland of Washington state, the towns of the valley are home to many thousands of migrants, most from Mexico, who have settled over the past thirty years. With three harvest seasons a year, they’ve had the chance to settle and live there year-round. Some date their time in the U.S. back to the Eisenhower-era Bracero guest-worker programs.

Two summers ago, a group of high-school students, all children of migrants and some themselves born in Mexico, spent a week working on documentary projects about their communities. A few decided to make this video, celebrating their parents’ work.

Notice the emphasis on people’s hands in this short film – hands representing the value of these people as pickers in the fields, hands that hold their children.

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