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Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Releases Blockbuster Report On The Health Crisis Caused By U.S. Policies At The Border With Mexico

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Releases Blockbuster Report on the Health Crisis Caused by U.S. Policies at the Border with Mexico

This week, global relief organization Doctors Without Borders, known widely by its French name Medecins Sin Frontieres, released its new report, “No Way Out: The Humanitarian Crisis for Migrants and Asylum Seekers Trapped Between the United States, Mexico, and the Northern Triangle of Central America.”

The report is based on direct evidence drawn from person-by-person medical support for thousands of migrants, and 480 direct interviews. The voices of the people living through this crisis are at the forefront of this documentary report, and the conclusions are dire.

From MSF:

“It’s clear from years of medical data and testimonies that many of our patients are desperately fleeing violence back home,” said Sergio Martin, MSF head of mission in Mexico. “These people deserve protection and care, and, at the very least, a fair chance to seek asylum. Instead they face more violence along the migration route, barred from countries where they wouldn’t be at risk. Now they are trapped in dangerous places with no way to seek safety.”  

In interviews, 61.9 percent of respondents said that they were exposed to a violent situation during the two years prior to leaving their home country. Nearly half of the interviewees (45.8 percent) cited their exposure to violence as a key reason for fleeing. More than 75 percent of people traveling with children reported leaving due to violence, including forced recruitment by gangs.

People also suffer from violence along the migration route through Mexico: 57.3 percent of the people interviewed were exposed to some type of violence, including cases of assault, extortion, sexual assaults, and torture. 

The full report is here:

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