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Call For News: Please Share What You’re Seeing At The Border

Call for News: Please Share What You’re Seeing at the Border


With the border between the U.S. and Mexico currently blocked for most humanitarian activists, the flow of news has drastically diminished. At the same time, we are hearing from a small number of friends who have made the choice – or have had the choice imposed up on them – the stay on the Mexico side of the border. Grim reports are trickling up from Matamoros; Tijuana is a mixed bag, we hear, and other key crossing points are hit and miss. But we want to share real-life, real-time reports from folks on the ground.

We’d like to use as a platform for sharing first-hand stories of what you’re seeing if you’re at the border now.

Please send any notes or observations to, or post on the Facebook group,, and we’ll share them on this platform.

Thank you all, and stay safe.


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