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Border Mayors Meet – “They’re Trying To Solve Problems They Can Solve”

Border Mayors Meet – “They’re Trying to Solve Problems They Can Solve”

Tijuana mayor Arturo Gonzales Cruz was one of 15 border-city mayors gathered in San Diego to discuss cross-border issues this past week. The mayors steered clear of U.S. and Mexican immigration issues, and focused on trade, cross-border sewage management, and a range of issues similarly removed from the lightening-rod policy issues that deeply affect cities and towns on both sides of the borders.

“They’re trying to solve problems they can solve,” one U.S.-based humanitarian-services leader working in Tijuana observes. “They want the progress they can make, and they don’t want to irritate or frighten the political leadership class.”

Mayor Gonzales Cruz did, however, point to the obvious, large-scale drivers of suffering in Mexican border cities when he noted that “two factors have made the cartels stronger; one is profits from their drug sales and the other is the flow of guns into our country. This is where we need to have cooperation between the two sides of the border.”

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