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Alejandro’s Story, From The Kino Border Initiative

Alejandro’s Story, from the Kino Border Initiative

The Kino Border Initiative is an extraordinary organization based in Nogales, Mexico and in southern Arizona. A Catholic ministry, it runs “El Comedor,” a center for meals, services and community for people seeking refuge, often waiting for hearings, at the Mariposa border crossing Nogales. A wave of new donations has allowed KBI to open a new building with modern food-service equipment, greater capacity, and shelter for families.

They published this piece about Alejandro on April 14.


Alejandro’s Story: “Those of Us In Detention Now Are Praying for a Miracle”

Alejandro is an asylum-seeker from Venezuela who is fleeing political persecution. He spent the summer in Nogales while waiting to present at the port of entry, and has been detained in La Palma since September. In early April, Alejandro shared with KBI staff what it is like to be detained amidst the pandemic. Since the time of the interview, the virus has been confirmed among several detainees in the facility.
Alejandro is a 29-year-old man from Venezuela who is seeking asylum in the United States because of political persecution at home; he came to the U.S. to do so because his family—a brother and his parents—are U.S. residents living in Georgia who would be his sponsors. Instead, however, Alejandro has been in the La Palma Detention Center in Eloy since August, and he does not anticipate that there is any chance he will be leaving any time soon.

Alejandro arrived to Nogales in July of 2019 and waited several months for his number to be called. During that time, he came to the comedor for meals, medical assistance, and meetings with the Florence Project legal team. He also contracted chicken pox while waiting in Nogales and became seriously ill; it left him with a long-term respiratory disorder as a result of complications. Alejandro is very grateful for the support of the KBI and the ways it continues while he is in detention—through visits, letters, and calls.

Read the full story about Alejandro here, at the Kino Border Initiative’s web site –

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