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Al Otro Lado –  The Dynamic NGO On The Other Side

Al Otro Lado – The Dynamic NGO On the Other Side

Al Otro Lado was launched in 2012 when two dynamic young women who had known life on both sides of the US Mexican border felt the need to help those trapped in between – especially people who wound up facing the US border from Tijuana – growing too large to ignore.

Today, Al Otro Lado is a strong, visible presence on the streets of Tijuana, on the edges of US policy and in the lives of many thousands of volunteers who have come to know the people who migrate by working to support them, by helping their families, and by walking with them to busses and interview rooms where their futures are often decided.

Al Otro Lado runs accompaniment programs, guiding migrants as they approach the US border at the end of one chapter of their journeys, and helping them understand the asylum-application process, prepare for credible-fear interviews, and make their way through often-impenetrable meetings and paperwork barriers to the moments when many achieve status as asylees.

Al Otro Lado runs a deportee support program in Tijuana for Americans deported to Mexico, helping them orient and find the basics of sustenance as they adjust, while also helping to carry forward legal appeals and related actions.

Al Otro Lado also runs litigation program to help advocate in court and before government agencies for asylum seekers, activists, and others who greatly need skilled advocacy.

Please visit their website to learn more about this highly-regarded organizations, and the ways to support it.

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