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A Toolkit For K-12 Educators And Parents

A Toolkit for K-12 Educators and Parents

In July, professors Elisheva Cohen and Lindsey Passenger Wieck published a comprehensive, user-friendly online resource guide open to all, for teaching about the migrant experience at the U.S. Southern border. It links to resources or all grades from Kindergarten through high school – articles, first-personal narraties, news resources, maps, summaries of court cases, and a rich trove of historical materials.

They include resources for parents who want to talk to children about the ethical issues we all face when thinking and talking about the border today.

With this collection of resources,” the professors write, “we seek to provide educators and parents with resources to help create a space to discuss the family separations and immigration challenges facing the US. right now. While we recognize that this topic is politically fraught, we hope these resources will enable parents and educators to contextualize US. immigration historically, to promote critical analysis of evidence in order to understand these issues, and to discuss them in a way that fosters empathy and civic engagement.

The resources are organized into six categories:

Elisheva Cohen is a postdoctoral fellow in international affiars and sustainable development at Indiana University. Lindsey Passenger Wieck is Assistant Professor of Public History at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.

Their toolkit for teachers and parents is here:

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