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61,000 MPP Deportation Proceedings; 263 Decisions To Grant Relief

61,000 MPP Deportation Proceedings; 263 Decisions to Grant Relief

Syracuse University supports a detailed, flexible research tool online to track data – taken from DHS documents under Freedom of Information Act requests backed by federal judges – describing how many deportation hearings are held for migrants in the MPP or “Remain in Mexico” program, by month. Today, the data includes hearings through January 2020.

Users can sort by nationality of the migrant – of the roughly 61,000 proceedings in the past year, the majority of subjects are from Honduras (22,000) or Guatemala (15,000) – by whether or not the migrants have legal representation (3,000 had legal representation; 58,000 did not or do not), and by outcome.

The outcomes are stark: 263 people have been granted relief, which in almost all cases in the MPP program means status as an Asylee. Asylum has been granted for these 263 people. Where are they from? 117 from Cuba. 90 from Venezuela. 23 from Nicaragua. The political map of post-Cold War American foreign policy commitments is easy to read in these numbers. From Honduras, 12. From Guatemala, 7.

Twenty-five thousand cases are still pending. 10,000 proceedings have been terminated, which can mean any one of many practical outcomes, excluding the granting of asylum.

Visit the Syracuse University TRAC website here:

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