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Understanding the U.S. Southern Border

News, Events and Commentary about the people and places at the U.S. southern border

Connecting Black Lives Matter to the Border

One can almost see the dots being connected today. And the demand: We deserve better. We will not have this done in our name.

Three New Resources for Teaching About Migration and COVID-19

A number of new resources for teachers can help make the connections between migration and health, including the impact of COIVD-19 on migrants across the globe.

May 19, In the Desert with Alvaro Enciso

Alvaro Enciso is one of the most notable artists in the American Southwest. Among his…

At Stewart Detention Center: “People are Really Scared”

"People are really scared. It’s really, really clear that the fear is real. And they’re not getting tests."
Graffiti On A Wall Of A Woman And A Man Holding Each Other.

Love, Luck and Borders

What to do with this consciousness of unfairness, of privilege, of the cruelty of one’s nation? Their father marched, donated, spoke up. They do the same. These are good answers, though certainly never enough.

Planting Another Cross in the Desert: “the purple cross, barely visible”

From Alvaro Enciso: "the purple cross, barely visible, is for marco antonio tapia nunez, a 27-year-old mexican migrant. . . "

Adding context for understanding the border and its impact, and helping readers engage with border issues.

A BIT ABOUT US. is 100% independent, committed to straightforward and even-handed presentation of information about the U.S. Southern Border, along with commentary and documentary work, as well as a central listing of events related to border policy across the country.

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